TuleapCon 2017

Relive TuleapCon 2017

We really had fun to welcome you in our pretty mountainous region for this TuleapCon 2017 and we just have to thank you all for the love you showed towards Tuleap. One thing to remember, it is thanks to your support and your awesomeness that we fight everyday for building the best tool you deserve.

« So great day, learned a lot, so a useful day, lots of new ideas in mind, definitely worth the time »

Bruno Cornec Hewlett Packard Enterprise Read his article

« Enalean team do not only talk about automation, but they’re paranoid about it »

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Program 2017


Welcome Coffee


Get-to-know-you game



Laurent Charles, Enalean

Tuleap past present and future. How Tuleap helps you climb the Software engineering ladder and beyond.


SleepInnov Technology use case - Medical devices

Speaker: Nicolas GAIFFE Replay

SleepInnov Technology use case - Medical devices

Speaker: Nicolas GAIFFE Replay

Orange use case - Telecommunications

Speaker: Patrick DUCLOS-MONTAGNE Replay

ST Microelectronics use case - Semiconductors

Speakers: Denis PILAT, Vincent COLIN DE VERDIERE Replay ST World Replay ST Imaging Division

CEA use case - Energy

Speaker: Alexandre DUBEL Replay

Airbus - use case - Space

Speaker: Nicolas FANJEAU Replay



Why and how you should get involved in the Tuleap project


An Open Source project grows thanks to each members' involvement. Understand why and how you can spread the word with easy and simple ways.


Using Tracker Query Language to create valuable reports

Speaker: Joris Masson (Enalean)

Tuleap Query Language (TQL) is the new powerful way to search for items in Tuleap trackers. Developers, project leaders, can now easily query Tuleap and create visual graphics. This talk intends to give you examples and tricks to help you faster create valuable reports.


Git Pull Requests for easy code reviews

Speakers: Luc Jeanniard (Sogilis), Thomas Gerbet (Enalean)

Tuleap Pull Requests is a plugin that makes it easier for developers to work together on the top of Git. Sogilis and Enalean collaborated to develop this new feature. They share why you should consider doing code review, how it works in Tuleap and answer your questions to getting started.


Synchronisation of Tuleap with the world

Speakers: Humbert Moreaux (Enalean), Mathieu Auvray (Enalean), Pascal DIOGO (Activus Service)

Automating development, monitoring projects' updates and faciltating transition from tools to Tuleap : this is the power of using the REST API and webhoocks. This track highlighs available integrations and give sneak previews of on-going protoypes.

Part 1: Ready-made integrations
- Scrum reports and Git streams with Mattermost integration
- Continuous development automated with Jenkins plugin
- Moving and synchronizing issues with Bugzilla

Part 2: World Premiere
- Pack Stackstorm for Github issues
- Business Intelligence dashboards with Data Visualisation Power BI

Replay Mattermost integration Replay Jenkins automation Replay Moving from Bugzilla Replay Pack stackstorm Replay Business Intelligence



Requirements traceability with the new Test and Validation tool

Speakers: Benjamin Dauton (Enalean), Simon Denier (Sogilis), Erwan Guyader (Sogilis)

Be able to trace things all along the software process is a significant factor in assuring quality software development and maintenance. Once again, Sogilis and Enalean put their expertise in commun to build the Tuleap new Test Management module. It aims at providing a simple and easy way to deal with test campaigns. After remembering why validation is a key step in the development lifecycle, you will experience the new tool through a demonstration.


Quality Assurance process of Tuleap Enterprise

Speaker: Manuel Vacelet (Enalean)

Abstract : Better catch Tuleap Enterprise validation and integration process. This talk explains the testing strategy and release cycle of Tuleap Enterprise, providing even more stability and security value.




Join us to open a discussion subject with the TuleapCon participants. We will choose together which subjects to tackle in an open and participatory workshop format.

According to how many people and subjects we will have, we will decide how many sessions/subjects to discuss.

At the end of the workshops we will have a common restitution for all to benefit from. It’s a very fertile type of meeting promoting innovative solutions.


Closing session