TuleapCon 2018

Relive TuleapCon 2018

We really had fun to welcome you for this TuleapCon 2018 and we just have to thank you all for the love you showed towards Tuleap. One thing to remember, it is thanks to your support and your awesomeness that we fight everyday for building the best tool you deserve.

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Program 2018

March 27th 2018 Open to all


Welcome Coffee and Ice Breaking


Retrogaming surprise


Tuleap news and perspectives

#keynote Laurent Charles, Enalean

Trends, feedbacks from the field, how Enalean anticipates your needs and design solutions


B-Com: managing Research and Technology projects with Tuleap

#use-case Pascal Gravoille, B-Com Replay slides

JTEKT: Achieving SPICE Compliance in the Automotive Industry with Tuleap

#use-case Maxime Duffey, JTEKT Replay slides



How a Public Portuguese organisation reduce development costs and provide new services with Tuleap?

#use-case Daniel Dourado, Public Portuguese Organization Replay slides

STMicroelectronics: managing tests with Tuleap in Semiconductor world

#use-case Denis Pilat, STMicroelectronics Replay slides

Eclipse Foundation: Tuleap, the cornerstone of the working groups

#use-case Gaël Blondelle, Eclipse Foundation Replay slides



Jenkins BlueOcean Pipeline Editor with Tuleap

#talk Damien Duportal

Précurseur dans son domaine, Jenkins s'est récemment modernisé avec une forte orientation "Développeur", pour faciliter la conception et l'agilité du processus CI/CD. Au coeur de ces changements: l'interface graphique "Blue Ocean" et la nouvelle syntaxe de pipeline dite "Déclarative", proche du YAML ou du JSON. Découvrons ensemble quel gains tirer de ce ces changements lorsque l’on utilise Tuleap avec du Jenkins "moderne".

Replay slides

Share your Onboarding experience

#workshop Enalean

How did you invite people come aboard your Tuleap platform, how do the deployment go?


Tuleap Trackers and Cross-Tracker Search: powerful tools for tracing and searching items and creating valuable reports

#feature-focus Enalean

(Re)Discover the power of Tuleap Trackers. Newbies and advanced Tuleap users will learn things: how to create advanced searches, creating reports with charts. We will also demo the new plugin Cross Tracker Search, towards Project Portfolio Management.

Replay slides

Make your projects more agile

#workshop Enalean

Start and scale Scrum. Get to the finish line with Kanban. This slot is dedicated to agility in Tuleap. Start easily with easy-to-implement agile best practices and evolve with your team.


What's cooking in Tuleap R&D?

#talk Enalean

Tuleap development team gets beautiful things in the backstage. We do not give the game away. Come to see it all for yourselves!


Docker, Swarm, Vault, Ansible: "Tuleap as a service"

#talk Thomas Cottier, Enalean

Automated tests in Tuleap Test Management

#feature-focus Enalean

Tuleap Test Management module mades manual test easy and engaging for the crew. Soon, you will be in addition to manage all type of tests: manual and automated.

Replay slides

Tuleap architecture and infrastructure

#workshop Enalean

Tuleap has to be installed on a LAMP architecture. Yes. But many infrastructure and configurations are possible. Let’s discuss how you organise your installation, what are the possible options.

Replay slides



Secure platform designed for customer collaboration workshop

#workshop Camille Cliquenois, STMicroelectronics & Enalean

STMicroelectronics provides a high secure Tuleap platform to collaborate with its customers. After sharing the specific set up and challenges solved with the STMicroelectronics very private Tuleap instance, the discussion aims at understanding how other work with partners and providers.


Legacy or history management: your experiences

#workshop Sandra Echinard, Enalean & Nicolas Terray, Enalean

After several years of using Tuleap, many files, repositories and projects have been created, people left the boat or some tools are not used anymore. The question IT departments are faced to is about obscolence management. This workshop aims at sharing experiences and catch good practices.


Software factory

#talk Tim Izo & Matthieu Robin, Hidora

How to make Tuleap a software factory directly connected to the cloud and dockers? Improve the time-to-market of your developments.

Replay slides

Become a Tuleap Developer

#workshop Enalean

Dress up the costume of a Tuleap developer and life
how we build smart software. Experience our dev workflow to learn how we manage delivering 140 releases a month. Then, it your turn, tell us how your teams do.


Tuleap: Back to the future

#fun Thomas Cottier, Enalean

Cocktail dinner


March 28th AM 2018 Restricted to Open Roadmap members


Open Roadmap 2018

  • Proposition of the Tuleap Open Roadmap 2018
  • Open Discussions to collect members feedback and re-prioritise major features