TuleapCon 2019

Relive TuleapCon 2019

We really had fun to welcome you for this TuleapCon 2019 and we just have to thank you all for the love you showed towards Tuleap. One thing to remember, it is thanks to your support and your awesomeness that we fight everyday for building the best tool you deserve.

Replay 2019 Edition

March 27th 2019


Welcome Coffee

Keynote: Tuleap news and perspectives
Manuel VACELET & Laurent CHARLES, Enalean Replay

How Tuleap helps people doing a great job

What could be more tangible than explaining Tuleap by the users themselves? This track gives the floor to the ones who are working with Tuleap day after day. Whatever your profile, you will understand how much your job will become easier.


As a Platform Manager

Pierre PILAZ, JTEKT Replay

As a Developer

Marie-Ange GARNIER, Enalean Replay

As an IT Ops

Thomas COTTIER, Enalean Replay

As a Service Manager

Denis PILAT, STMicroelectronics Replay


How top companies succeed in software engineering?


🇨🇭 EM Microelectronic - SWATCH Group
The 5 things that have led us to an ALM and why we chose Tuleap

Pierre MULLER, EM Microelectronic

EM Microelectronic was founded in 1975 in Switzerland and started its activities by designing miniaturized ultra-low power integrated circuits (microchips) for watches. EM is today a leader in supplying electronic circuits for battery-operated and field-powered applications.

Pierre MULLER, RFID BU Technical Leader at EM, explains the reasons why his company has decided to deploy an Application Lifecycle Management solution and why they chose Tuleap.


Multiple teams, various usages, one single Tuleap

Raphael HIET, Thales Replay

🇨🇭 STMicroelectronics
Monitoring Activity and Deliverables of a large IT project with Tuleap

Pierre-Yves COLLE, STMicroelectronics

IT Programs at ST are worldwide large projects composed of multiples teams and leaders to coordinate. To manage large programs, how avoid hundreds of non-tracked emails and over-complex tools?

Pierre-Yves COLLE shares how he designed and adapted workspaces with Tuleap to perfectly suit his needs: get at the same time, an helicopter view for his top management and an analysis detailed view for monitoring progress at project level.


Lunch, Networking, Demos

Empowering teams with effective collaboration workplaces

How to solve the top challenges of
Software-Driven Companies

🇫🇷 Successfully transitioning to agile in 3 steps: from value to tools
Nina REIGNIER-TAYAR, Université Grenoble Alpes (DSI)

When it comes the time to merge 3 IT departments of the 5th French University, creativity and operational efficiency are crucial. To tackle this challenge, the new IT department of UGA dramatically changed his habits and started introducing the principles of the agile manifesto.

Step by step, Nina REIGNER-BAYAR tells the story of the IT department, from working groups to real-case projects that now run with Tuleap.

🇫🇷 PLM and ALM Synergy
Karine CAUSSE-GOBINET, Dassault Systèmes

Nowadays' complex products increasingly require the integration of hardware and software development processes. This makes ALM-PLM coherence one of the hot topics of industrial companies.

To discuss this big challenge, Karine CAUSSE-GOBINET from Dassault Systèmes will give a talk at TuleapCon 2019. She will explain how PLM and ALM can collaborate, share why Tuleap is a good ALM and how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can be connected to Tuleap.

Scrum or Kanban: which is better for my team
Martin GOYOT, Enalean

While the key to becoming agile is simply to embrace the approach and what it stands for, there are a number of methodologies that you can adopt. Two of the most popular methodologies are Kanban and Scrum.

This talk explains what Kanban and Scrum are, the similarities, the differences, how to decide which is the best option for your team and what it looks like in the real world.

Agile at scale with SAFe in Tuleap
Laurent CHARLES, Enalean - Geoffroy GRELOT, Direction Générale de l'Armement (French Government)

Agile methodologies as Scrum, Kanban or XP focus on individual team planning and delivery activities. To scale agile across multiple teams and plan work at a higher level, the Scaled Agile Framework for the Enterprise (SAFe®) is an efficient approach. SAFe® provides ceremonies, roles, metrics and relationships that allow organizations to leverage lean and agile at enterprise scale.

One of the key point in SAFe® is the Agile Release Train (ART). The aim of the Train is to align teams to a common business and technology mission. This talk points out the essentials of SAFe with a particular attention on the ART. Then, Geoffroy GRELOT will show you how implementing SAFE using Tuleap tools.

Workflow, Documents, Baseline: what you get in Tuleap 11.0
Manuel VACELET, Enalean

Tuleap 11.0 comes with a lot of new capabilities to manage your process workflow, create and organize content as well as initial support of baselines. It's time to catch-up!

New in Tuleap 11
DevOps in Tuleap
Thomas GERBET, Enalean

Tuleap integrates or is connected with efficient tools to automates development workflow. We will show you how building a continuous development and delivery pipeline with Git, Pull Requests and Jenkins in Tuleap.



🇨🇭 Managing a research or student project on

Easylab is the Research and Development Laboratory of HES-SO, the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland. One of the project is eVIP, an energy project. eVIP aims at proving an application to help hoteliers monitor energy consumption of the electric vehicles they provide to their clients.

Jérémie VIANIN contributes to the eVIP project as a developer and scrum master. He demonstrates the management of the eVIP project hosted on, the free platform for students, trainees and teachers.

End-to-end traceability, from requirements to tests
Mathieu AUVRAY, Enalean

Being able to trace project items all along the software lifecycle is a significant factor in assuring quality software development and maintenance. There are multiple benefits: from a business point of view: align evolving customers' needs with the software developed or satisfy compliance for regulatory standards, as well as from a software engineering point of view.

Tuleap enables tracing project items overall the software life. This talk will show you how to link the first requirements and stories to the tests steps, to bugs, to source code, code review, CI and documents. A real powerful demo.

Monitoring performances of your Tuleap server
Manuel VACELET, Thomas GERBET - Enalean

Tuleap does a good job out of the box to deliver a good performance level, even at scale of thousands or then-thousands of people. However, due to the high-level of configurations and the large number of combination of tools’ usage, you might hit performances issues.

In this talk, you will discover how to put under control the key aspects of your platform and how Tuleap team deals with performance analysis using Prometheus in Grafana and Blackfire.

Tuleap Trackers: when one size doesn't fit all
Mathieu AUVRAY, Matteo MAZZERI, Marie-Ange GARNIER - Enalean

Have you ever dream you can customize as you (really) want your trackers? Say goodbye to waiting for administrator approval. With Tuleap tracking system, you can configure your project trackers, yourself, at project level. Fine-grained permissions, workflow and triggers, field dependencies, specific user groups, you get the full control. Sounds too good to be true? Come to this talk, you’ll get your smile back.

We’ll play familiar scenarios, unadapted, frustrating ones and we’ll show you how they can be fixed with Tuleap trackers configuration settings.


Closing session


🇨🇭 The power of Open Source to boost open innovation

Lionel LOURDIN, Free IT Foundation Replay





March 28th 2019 Restricted to OpenRoadmap members



Open Roadmap morning

  • Proposition of the Tuleap Open Roadmap 2019
  • Open Discussions to collect members feedback and re-prioritise major features